Dear 2020 Eyes Colorado Community,
The year 2020 has become much more than “The Year of Eye Health” that our optometry community was anticipating. Today, we find ourselves halfway through the most symbolic year for optometry and also in the midst of two global challenges. With today’s medical technologies, we can hope that the COVID-19 pandemic will end with a cure or vaccine, but the racial injustices that are experienced daily in every community will not be eradicated with a pill or quick cure. This will require ‘anti-racism’ along with conscious daily effort by each of us to create real change and the necessary systemic overhauls.
Anti-racism is a new term for some and is the regular practice of opposing racism and promoting racial tolerance. It is anti-racism that allows us to acknowledge our own internal racism as individuals and organizations so we can have more tolerance in the world.
At the Colorado Optometric Association (COA) and 2020 Eyes Colorado, we are reflecting, listening, and acting to address racism within our organization. Here is where we are:
  • Our immediate need is education. Our employees are partaking in anti-racism education and discussions as part of their professional and personal development.
  • We know we can’t be completely without prejudice, but we can (and should) recognize, acknowledge, and act to not let prejudice dictate our actions. As we learn, we are evaluating how we can shift and change as an organization to be more inclusive and anti-racist.
  • As we move into action, we are forming an anti-racism committee and anti-racism educational programming for members.

At 2020 Eyes Colorado and COA, we are present for this movement and committed to combatting racism. Please join us as we learn and change.


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